Media Investor and Philanthropist – Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is a renowned entrepreneur who has ventured a lot into the media and entertainment focusing his efforts towards helping the youth, a role that has made him build a good impression across the nation. He has held big positions in broadcast companies, cable televisions, and in both in national and local radios. He lately works with Emmy – winning “Live” as a permanent co-host with Kelly Ripa.


Ryan Seacrest is the host of the radio show “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” where he is among the topmost syndicated radio shows nationally. He is also the executive producer and host of the annual New Year’s Eve program for the ABC.


Ryan Seacrest founded the RSP (Ryan Seacrest Productions) in the year 2006 and has since then been an Emmy-winning production in digital programming, scripted and unscripted creations. He also hosted the iconic series American Idol when it came back to the screen at first in 2018’s spring season on ABC. He also founded his firm, the RSF (Ryan Seacrest Foundation) which is focused on motivating the youth of today via enterprises which promote education and entertainment.


Ryan Seacrest’s interest in entrepreneurship goes a long way to fashion. Ryan Seacrest Distinction (2014) is one of the top-ranked menswear known for reveling iconic and classic looks. He is also a board member in the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Arts) and also the chairman of the Grammy Foundation.


Ryan Seacrest is a big investor of both media and entertainment companies such as; marketing services, Pinterest, Civil Entertainment group, attn., DigiTour Media, AXS TV, Headspace, among many others. He is also a philanthropist who has managed to see the opening of 10 media centers in the country. He is very creative, a character that has helped his entrepreneurial interest to expand in diverse ways from media to fashion to having created relationships with Coca –Cola, and Ford.


Ryan Seacrest believes in giving back to society by helping the youth to pursue their dreams through education and participating in entertainment programs. He is a hard worker and he is dedicated to everything he does.

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