Victoria Doramus On The Organizations She Actively Participates With

Brooklyn, New York based philanthropist Victoria Doramus is passionate about giving back. Her charitable journey getting involved with these organizations started back in 2016. Since then, it has been a rewarding and grounding experience for the recovery expert. One of the organizations that Victoria can relate to more is the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Doramus used to struggle with addition, but now works as a recovery expert. Amy Winehouse sadly died of alcohol poisoning at the age of 27. Her father and friends have since started this foundation in honor of her. Victoria plays a very active role in the foundation, helping others with addiction related problems. Here’s what they do. First off, they inform and education youth on the perils of alcohol and drug addiction. Then they help those who are at higher risk of becoming addicted to a substance or alcohol. One of the best parts of the foundation happens at Amy Winehouse’s personal recording studio. At-risk and disadvantaged youth are supported with their musical pursuits.They also help with personal development.

Another organization that Victoria Doramus is actively participating in is Room to Read. They know that the way we are going to change the world is by educating children. They help raise literacy rates in developing countries, but also work on gender equality when it comes to getting a proper education. To date, they have built over 1,500 schools and over 12,000 libraries in countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, and many more. When it comes to gender equality in education, Room to Read has given over 14,000 girls long-term educational scholarships.

There are two other non-profit organizations that Victoria Doramus is heavily active with. The first one is the Women’s Prison Association. They provides countless services for women in the American criminal justice system. Victoria also participates with Best Friends Animal Society. They help save animal’s lives who are routinely killed in animal shelters all over the world. They provide these animals with loving homes, but also have a santuary for those who cannot be adopted out.

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