Luxury Real Estate Has Been a Unique And Lucrative Opportunity for JHSF and Zeco Auriemo

JHSF’s chief executive officer, interestingly, also happens to serve as chairman for the company, and he deserves so much credit for all that he has done to grow the entity into one of its peers’ greatest threats in Brazil with regards to luxury building development. This leader, of course, is Zeco Auriemo, and he has truly shined in the areas of both planning and implementation. JHSF is in a great position, since its leader can locate where exactly the best opportunities are for the company to invest in developing a property and ultimately turn a satisfactory profit upon the completion of one of these real estate projects.

If you have not heard of Hotel Fasano, then maybe Cidade Jardim will be a more familiar JHSF property to you. Both of these projects have gained substantial notoriety. The first is located outside of Brazil in Uruguay, and the latter is much closer to the group’s home in the popular Sao Paulo, Brazil. Cidade Jardim, though, is quite a different project from Hotel Fasano because it is actually one of the most popular and prominent shopping centers that Brazilians have had the opportunity to shop at in recent time, and many of the products available for purchase in this building come directly from luxury brands.

With success in such a wide array of markets, from hotels to malls to residential buildings, it seems there is no cap on how many different real estate niches that JHSF can earn revenue from. Zeco Auriemo, since achieving his CEO position, has constantly been searching for these opportunities. Regardless of the property type, though, Auriemo and JHSF are consistently able to bring a unique luxurious style to each of these developments, and that is what clients ultimate appreciate the most about the company’s many different properties.

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