Nicolas Krafft on celebrating diversity in women’s beauty

L’Oréal was all about celebrating inclusivity at its 2nd annual beauty show held at Paris on 30th September 2018. The deputy vice president Nicolas Krafft said that the theme for the show was showcasing the diversity in women’s beauty. The event was staged on a tailor-made 60-meter runway floating on river Seine in the French capital Paris. According to Nicolas Krafft, the models included notable celebrities such as Elle Fanning, Louise Bourgain and Eva Longoria among other celebrated models. The event portrayed the creativity and diversity of the French capital in its creations.

Nicolas Krafft says that their company L’Oréal sources most of its creativity from the creative city of Paris which is sometimes termed as the city of love. It was not the models only who graced the event, but other notable celebrities came to show support for L’Oréal. These included Marie Bochet who is the new ambassador for L’Oréal and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau who supports the brand’s mission.

The event took place in the summer/spring of 2019; this was a fair time for the company to showcase the latest fashions and bring beauty to the world. The company’s employees played a great role in making the event successful. The hair artist, Val Garland together with the Global Hair artist Stéphane Lancien, helped to develop 70 new hairstyles and makeup is glamming the models. The models introduced different new collections designed by L’Oréal to the world this included jewelry and other beauty items for women. L’Oréal takes pride in being a leading beauty company that creates unique women’s jewelry.

The aim of the show according to Nicolas Krafft was to reach out to the world, this was achieved through giant screening of the event which was broadcasted worldwide. The event was moreover live aired on the large advertisement screens of Paris allowing passers-by and tourists to watch the event without being at the event physically. People moreover would watch form public places such as the banks. L’Oréal captured the events by use of drones filming technology which did not leave out any details of the event. According to Nicolas Krafft the event was successful and empowering for women all over the world, the company takes pride showing beauty to the world.

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