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The Red Flags You Need To Notice Before Picking A Financial Advisor At Agera Financial


There are some people who slip through the cracks, even at Agera Financial. Not everyone who works there is going to help you in a sincere way. It is important for you to know that before you pick someone to get your finances in order. I have a few red flags you need to concern yourself with before moving forward with Agera Financial. You need to protect yourself because the government is not going to.

1) There needs to be letters after their name. Do you see a “CFP” or “RIA” after the name? You should find someone else if they are not certified. Now, Agera Financial is not in the business of hiring someone like that. Agera Financial hires qualified people to deal with finances(to the best of my knowledge), but I cannot speak for anyone else. You have to check the person out before picking them.


2) A credible financial advisor is going to ask you a lot of questions. The people at Agera Financial try to know everything about their clients before helping them. A red flag is when they start pitching their products as soon as you sit down. That is a sign that they care more about selling.


3) The person you speak with at Agera Financial or anywhere else should put everything in writing first, including promises they make to you. No writing equals no deal.

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