Agera Energy Chooses Responsible Energy

Owners of á newly constructed manufacturing unit in Maryland had been seeking pertaining to a power provider that hád items that coincided with the firm’s sights on durability. The business enterprise owners were particularly searching for a REC (Renewable Enérgy Certificate) backed energy item. The owners éxperienced prior issues with this procedure when at a second location, an unauthorized worker enrolled the businéss about a no REC backed item with another provider. This deceitful enrollment simply by another provider made the business reluctant to take part in the retail energy market.


About Agera Energy often handles customers who’ve been taken benefit of by various other suppliers. To make the client comfy Agera Energy asséssed the requirements and goals of the business. After learning thát their particular goals with corporate sustainability, Agera Energy could position their particular REC item to fit thé client’s requirements. We understood immediately our 100% Wind flow item, from Renewable Enérgy Certificates (RECs) will be your best energy option because of this customer.

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