Neurocore is a research group that is expanding its reach to be all over the country to challenge the way that people think about mental disorders and to treat people in a drug-free way that is long lasting. The research group started by trying to find a way to handle people with mental disorders in a drug-free way that would correct the function of the brain. For a long time now people have realized that those with mental disorders have brains that function differently. But the thing about that is all the same parts of the brain are there, so they can work correctly if trained to do so. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The group started to do brain training trying to figure out a way that would be able to help people with the disorders. After years of training, the group was able to do this and then put it to the test. The research group then spent years testing their program and getting it right. After years and changing the lives of countless people with mental health disorders they have been able to make a custom plan for each patient that comes to them. So then the group started to treat people charging a small fee so that they could keep treating people and continue the research. The response from the public when they opened centers for the treatment of patients was tremendous. Since they have opened the centers, have been expanding at a rapid pace as more and more people want to get treated in a drug-free way.


Those that get treated by Neurocore are usually able to walk away completely normal and functioning as they have been able to overcome their problems. Even for the more complicated mental disorders that the company treats the patients can get off their medication and live a reasonably normal life that is entirely different than what they ever had before. The centers are now working out a way for them to accept health insurance at some time in the future. But for right now even though patients have to pay cash for the treatment they do work out payment plans so that more people can come to the center and they price it in a way that is appropriate for a cash paying patient. Overall the Neurocore is changing how the world views mental health and improving the view that it is only something that someone can cope with. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

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