Felipe Montoro Jens Gives His Opinions On Brazil

Brazil, a country that’s hanging by a thread, has experienced severe economic ruin in the last year. According to numerous research studies, Brazil’s poor infrastructure is mainly responsible for their decline. In 2017, Brazil is reported to have terminated 517 infrastructure projects. The National Confederation of Industry released this fact, along with some other shocking statistics. Of those 517 jobs, 447 were basic sanitation facilities. Railway, highway, waterway, and school projects were terminated as well. Even inexpensive and straightforward works including sports facilities and ports didn’t make it to completion. Visit his website felipemontorojens.com to learn more.

Not surprisingly, Brazil’s critical state is triggering intense concern, especially within economists and project analysts. Felipe Montoro Jens is one specialist who’s taken it upon himself to examine the situation. Jens concludes that Brazil is suffering in various areas. While poor planning and internal relations are prominent issues, Brazil’s largest shortcoming is technical difficulties. Ilana Ferreira supported Jens’ deductions, stating that “the main problem that leads to the stoppage of works is technical.” With that said, Brazil is in dire need of some updated technology. If the nation remains rooted in outdated practices, their operations won’t evolve alongside the modern world.

While Jens believes that improved planning procedures and conservative spending could alleviate the vast majority of Brazil’s problems, their primary drawback is their negligence. Brazil has time and again demonstrated their disinterest in these matters, and it’s causing specialists like Jose Augusto Fernandes to come unhinged. Fernandes is an analyst with the National Confederation of Industry, and he believes that Brazil is incapable of learning from their faults. Above all else, Fernandes is disturbed by Brazil’s unwillingness to rectify the situation. Though it’s clear to most that Brazil is on a downward spiral, the nation seems fine with coasting along until their economy peters out.

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