Article Title: Susan McGalla Fought To Become A Successful And Respected Business Woman

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The information available to help women advance within their careers is often far too generic. As the woman in charge of P3 Executive Consulting, Susan McGalla is able to offer excellent advice. She understands these women require a practical and authentic approach for competing in the business world as professionals. She learned the importance of confidence and that gender did not matter from her two brothers and her parents. She became comfortable working with either men or women. She attended Mount Union College and earned her BA prior to entering the working world.

Her career escalated in 1994 when she started working for American Eagle Outfitters. When she began, there were very few women in an executive position or with a place on the board. These positions were predominately filled by men. Susan McGalla worked hard to succeed. She eventually triggered a culture change within the company. She worked in a variety of positions in management, eventually being promoted to the Chief Merchandising Officer and President of the company. Her vast responsibilities included four brands, $3 billion in revenue, an e-commerce site and the P&L.

As time passed, Susan McGalla moved forward with her career. When the retail sector needed someone with an insider’s perspective, she started working for the key people in the finance industry as a consultant. The control she established over her career is a luxury she earned through her flexibility, working hard for many years and going after what she wanted the most. She never saw her gender as a factor for her career or her goals. She never intended to break the proverbial glass ceiling or felt entitled to any special treatment because she was a woman.

Susan McGalla wants to see women using the same attitude and approach she used to succeed in her career. Nothing would make her happier than to see the success of the future generations of women in the business world.

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