Agera Energy Maintains an Upward Growth Trajectory Going into 2019

Founded in 2014, Agera Energy leads in the provision of energy supply, efficiency and audit service. The company boasts a business model that include guiding its customers through the wide array of energy options and help them to make the best energy decision. It aims at turning complex energy decisions into mere financial decisions. You don’t have to hassle up and down looking for the right option that will satisfy you. The company will help you to choose the right combination. Watch this video on


Agera Energy focuses on educating as well as empowering its customers to make the right decisions. Customers leaves the kilowatt and therms issues to the company. Prior to Agera, energy costs were skyrocketing. It saw an opportunity to change the energy conversation in the country. The marketplace was crowded but energy consumers were underserved. In recognition of the fact that energy is an essential part of the community, the company could not be on the sideline and watch customers get exploited. Whether you’re a homeowner or a businessman, it is almost impossible to stay without energy. Agera Energy came into existence about five years ago to be different and serve customers differently.


Back in 2014, the winter had made energy budgets to skyrocket. Agera Energy came in to streamline the energy sector. It started off by acquiring a large national retail energy supplier. It also started by funding retail suppliers well empowering them to serve customers better. It continued to make acquisitions that made it increase its presence across the country. Currently, Agera Energy has 1.8 million contracted customers and still counting. It has maintained an upward growth trajectory and the focus on customer service has helped it earn the loyalty and respect of customers. Another driving factor is its strong management team.


Agera leverages a capable corporate leadership team to run its operations in a way that no other company can. Recently, it announced the addition of Mark Linzenbold as its Chief Financial Officer. The company’s CEO, Geoff Duda, announced the news in mid last year. The senior executive brings a strong background in the retail energy industry. Read more about Agera Energy at Medium.

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