Marc Beer And His Innovations In Medicine

Mr. Marc Beer is currently 53 years old and is a chairman at Minerva Neuroscience, Inc. He as well serves as a member at the Board of Directors at Biotechnology Innovation Organization and also Joe Andruzzi Cancer Foundation. Marc Beer has had a series of a successful career in medicine generally and has still managed to study and acquire his undergraduate degree from Miami University. While he still makes huge progress ahead further into his business, LumeNXT, Inc also appointed Marc Beer as the chairman of its board. This is a company held privately and focuses much on the development of surgical illumination products for very minimal invasive surgeries. He brings in experience in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and devices that ranges to more than 25 years.


Marc talked of how he felt proud of getting a chance to work with an accomplished group of surgeons and engineers. These engineers and surgeons have tried their best to make advances in surgical illumination with LumeNXT technology. Marc believes that this is a very safe way to perform surgeries and in the least invasive approaches towards it. These surgeons that plan to use this form of illumination technology just discovered that this technology improves on visualization, precision and also flexibility during these operations when compared to the traditional ways of conducting surgeries. LumeNXT, in this case, offers an advanced illumination platform used as a mechanism to reduce heat to improve surgical precision, it has low-cost disposable options and also very safe due to an advanced visualization feature.


Marc has proven himself successful in multiple startup companies that he has managed to guide in multiple growth phases. He also was the founding member and also CEO of Renovia Inc., and here, his mission was to discover and deliver digital therapeutic and diagnostic devices for women suffering from any kind of pelvic floor disorders. Before Renovia, he focused on developing products that would help treat central nervous system diseases at Minerva Neuroscience Inc. Minerva is continuing into other clinical trials to try and deal with other conditions like insomnia, mood disorders, major depressive disorders and also Parkinson’s Disease. Before this role at Minerva, Beer had been into leadership in bio-pharmaceutical field where he had been involved with a few launches regarding some rare diseases on a global scale, global growth and with other forms of measure. Learn more:


Marc Beer has had a chance to study hard in the line of medicine and has also done his best to try and invent easy ways to try and sort out medical conditions that have initially always been hard and dangerous. His innovations in medicine and surgeries have brought about certainty in the procedures as it provides good visualization, precision, and other advantages as compared to conducting procedures in the old hard way. Marc continues to marvel the whole world with his huge innovations that also end up making some of these medical procedures as surgeries very much easy to do.


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