Jojo Hedaya’s Fundamental Advice and the Establishment of

Jojo Hedaya is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Also, he holds the position of a Chief Product and Consumer Officer with the responsibilities of leading the operations and product development sectors. Jojo Hedaya established in 2011 while studying at Brooklyn College.


His commitment and passion for simplicity drive the firm’s mission to streamline email unsubscribe processes and help users around the world to gain control over their inbox. Under Jojo Hedaya’s leadership as the chairperson of the development sector, has gained many users in the past few years.


The Establishment of by Jojo Hedaya


With so many email messages dashing in your inbox, you don’t know how to keep up with what is essential. Sometimes, your important messages can be buried under the junk. You do not necessarily need to remove the junk since everyone loves good deals.


Jojo Hedaya’s solution to the problem led to the development of, which is an email application. Jojo Hedaya said that Josh Rosenwald, who is his business partner, did not answer his emails since he never found them. He said that the product was born out of personal frustrations.


According to the developers, almost 80 percent of all the emails that come to the inbox are subscriptions, newsletters, as well as updates and they, knew that there’d be a perfect tool to organize the emails that none of the ISP’s provided. The tool scans through the inbox in seconds and compiles all of the subscriptions into one email famously known as The Rollout.


Hedaya’s Fundamental Advice


According to Jojo Hedaya, there is one piece of advice that will prepare you for the startup world. It is so dynamic, and individuals have different weaknesses and strengths which mean that the aspect of establishing a startup that is difficult for you might be easy for another person and vice versa.


Jojo Hedaya suggests that if you need a startup, you should do the things you love most. Also, he understands that for you to be successful in life, you should be aware of competitors and prepare for ups and downs.

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