Sergey Petrossov Achievements in Technology

Decades ago, it was not easy to find a successful chief executive officer who was under thirty years. In most cases, company leaders were personalities who had worked in the corporate department for years. This is a position that is given to people who have experience. It is also not possible to start a business without the knowledge required. Sergey Petrossov, however, has emerged as a young professional who has already accomplished so much in their career. The businessman is among a few executives who have used technology to start companies that have turned out to be very successful. Sergey Petrossov recently received a prestigious award. The businessman was given the Forbes 30 Under 30. Forbes recognized the young professional for his accomplishments in the consumer technology section. According to reports from Forbes, Sergey Petrossov has introduced innovation in various industries, especially those that are based in South Florida. The businessman is the founder of a successful company that is known as JetSmarter.


Before starting JetSmarter, the technology expert was already thriving in the market. The businessman had previously helped start two projects in the information and technology sector. One of these projects was serving as a customer service chat platform. The second one was offering distance learning to all educational organizations using the Russian language. The renowned entrepreneur has also been part of the board of advisors in a company that specializes in private jets in Florida.


Several years ago, Sergey had the chance to fly a private jet. This was his first time, and he managed to understand the numerous challenges the professionals were facing. According to him, the approach used was not ideal, and he chose to use the mobile market to solve the booking process. The company has been successful because of the effort put in by its founder.

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