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Early Years in Tulle


Serge Belamant has the rare privilege of holding a patent in blockchain technology. Originally he is from Tulle France. Early in his career, he moved to South Africa when he was only fourteen years of age. It was for the reason of his father who was seeking work as a tiling worker that Serge Belamant and his family moved to South Africa.  Visit


Pursuing a Career


After his early days and adjustment to his new life in Johannesburg, Belamant began pursuing a career in computer science as well as his interest in the technology of the time. As the months and years passed by and he became more proficient in technology and computer science he also garnered experience by broadening his work in a range of companies. Serge Belamant began developing software which specialized in digital transactions. Digital transaction software requires no paper money in order to make a transaction. In other words, it is the beginning of digital currency. Belamant had a real passion for this kind of digital software. Years later, Visa would approach him to develop software for their company and the result would be the holographic chip technology that is so prevalent for digital stamping personal data in financial transactions throughout the world.




His first company for making digital electronic payments was UEPS. UEPS was begun in 1989. UEPS stands for Universal Electronic Payment Systems. Six years after UEPS came to market VISA approached Belamant in 1995 to design their offline chip card. Later Serge Belamant designed a payment system, still digital, that would be used throughout South Africa in their banking systems. This was an extension of his work with Net 1. Today that orginal system tested and confirmed in South Africa is used in Iraq and Russia.


Zilch Technologies


Today Belamant is busy promoting his latest techologies in as well as in Prism, and MediCredit. Zilch, and MediCredit are online payment systems, while Prism Holdings designs printing management solutions for companies. He continues to develop and perfect his blockchain technology and makes it accessible to his many thousands of clients.



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