Article Title: How Igor Cornelsen Became a Successful Investment Expert

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In Curitiba, Brazil the year 1947, a baby boy was born. His parents named him Igor Cornelsen. His name did not only set him apart from other children, but it was his intelligence and knowledge in the classroom that put a huge gap between him and his classmates. Upon successfully completing his high school studies, he was accepted at the Federal University of Parana School where he went to study Engineering. However, Federal University was not the only school looking to admit him for an Engineering course. After studying engineering for two years, he decided to study economics at the Federal University of Parana.

In 1970, he finished his economics course and started working for an investment bank, which was a general practice for engineers during this era. The reason for this was primarily because engineers have an exceptional aptitude that enabled them to apply the sliding technique when computing compound rates. This was such an outstanding skill because calculators and computers were not as common as they are today. In this department, Igor Cornelsen was utterly unbeatable, and this gave him an exceptional opportunity to work as an investment banker. He would later work extremely hard and land himself a position on the board of directors at Multibanco.

After serving for two years as a Chief Executive Officer, Igor had to leave Multibanco due to its purchase in 1978. He, however, left with the aim of acquiring other opportunities and the first opportunity to come his way was Unibanco. Unibanco is among one of the leading corporations when it comes to investment in Brazil; but in 1985, Igor Cornelsen had to leave because of the blown up inflation rate. This problem saw him move to London and later appointed a director of the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. He would later make this bank popular worldwide and launch it to even greater heights.

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