Allied Wallet’s Expansion in Different Markets Increases the Uptake of E-commerce Globally

The influence of Allied Wallet globally is increasing. In Brazil, the company’s platform is now compatible with Itaú, Banco do Brasil, Boleto Bancário, Bradesco, Cartao MercadoLivre, Santander, Hipercard, AstroPay Card, Aura, and Elo. Consequently, the online payment processing company can now serve more than 55 million Brazilians looking for alternative payment options.


Crossing over to Indonesia, Allied Wallet is now compatible with Mandiri Clickpay, Alfamart, Indomaret, and CIMB Clicks. Given most Indonesians prefer to buy goods online from countries such as China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia for fashion items, toys, and hobby goods, Allied Wallet is increasingly facilitating ease of business between these countries and Indonesians.


The Chinese economy is dominated by mobile payments through WeChat Pay, which is now compatible with Allied Wallet. This means the company now offers the Chinese a safe means to shop online, just as it has done in other countries in the past. Consequently, Allied Wallet now has access to a part of the $16 trillion mobile payments market in China and the country’s more than one billion users of the WeChat payment function.


In Canada, Allied Wallet is now compatible with INSTADEBIT, Interac Online, and SafetyPay. Online shoppers in the country can, therefore, enjoy a safer online shopping experience while online merchants now get access to the three-quarters of Canada’s population which has switched to digital banking.


On their part, Austrians generally avoid the use of credit cards due to high transaction fees. Given Allied Wallet is now compatible with EPS, Trustly, Entercash, and SOFORT, Austrians can now enjoy bank transfer payment methods through the platform to online merchants in countries such as Italy, China, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Germany.


Additionally, Allied Wallet has not forgotten about the developing economies. The company is making forays into these nations to increase their access to businesses on the global stage. In countries such as the Philippines where internet usage has grown massively over the past few years, services from the company are now available. As such, the firm is currently catering to the increased demand for secure online payment methods to meet the rising demand of e-commerce services in the country.


Founded more than a decade ago, Allied Wallet is operating in nearly 200 countries. The company offers PCI compliant merchant services facilitating safe e-commerce transactions for businesses of all sizes. Using simple e-commerce tools, Allied Wallet facilitates encrypted transactions using new and innovative payment processing solutions.


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