Bennett Graebner Is Not Letting Life Get Him Down

Small setbacks affect us all. We have all had small failures in our day to day life. The key is to learn from these issues and to move on. Bennett Graebner embraces these setbacks and uses them to shape a better future for himself. Learn from the failure and use it as experience for the future.


Along that same train of thought Bennett uses every contact to his advantage. He has developed a strong network of friends and classmates that he keeps contact with. Bennett believes that we should be nice just because. Being nice to others allows for a wider range of people in our personal circle who may one day prove to be invaluable to us.


This attitude has worked to his advantage in his professional life. Graebner has successfully worked with many different teams of people. His skill to talk and relate to them in a kind manner has proven to provide a more productive atmosphere in which people are unafraid to share ideas. Bennett Graebner understands the value of input and collaboration. He has held many different positions in the production realm. Being behind the camera has become second nature to him. He has an uncanny natural ability to relate to others and get things done.


Throughout his years at Vassar and the University of Southern California he developed an uncanny grasp of story and narrative flow. It may have started with his undergraduate English degree, or maybe during his graduate years studying the cinematic arts. Wherever it started it has flourished throughout the years.


As a producer Bennett Graebner has been conferred with several awards for his many shows. The accolades continue to flow as new projects are explored and old projects continue to succeed. His many contacts allow for new collaborations and new ideas to be tested. One thing is definitely true in Bennett Graebner’s life, do not let failure get you down. Rise above setbacks, keep trying harder, and never give up is the way Graebner has risen to new heights in film and television.


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