Riot Games is Transforming Its Workplace to Foster Diversity and Inclusivity

Riot Games has focused a lot of efforts on making its workplace a great home for game makers in the recent past. On realization of how important inclusivity and diversity is, Riot decided to start from two big work streams including fostering a collaborative, fair, high-performing culture and raising diversity and inclusion (D&I) levels. The company is guided by multiple beliefs that it trusts to get it there. For one, they believe that when their teams are inclusive and diverse, they keep winning every time. Riot Games has learned to leverage their skills, understand their weakness and being honest about the best way of succeeding.


It has renewed its commitment to calling out racism, ableism, transphobia, homophobia, sexism, religious discrimination, ageism, as well as bigotry of all kinds. Your workplace should where you make lifelong friends and partners who makes great team members. That way, workers are empowered to not only perform well at making games, but also growing their careers.To affirm its dedication to address cultural issues behind the curtains, Riot Games hired a chief diversity officer for the first time in the company’s history.


Bringing more than 20 years of experience, Angela Roseboro now heads the company’s efforts to make it the most inclusive company in the gaming industry. Since a report was published on the company’s culture, Riot Games has formulated a plan to curb gender discrimination, sexism as well as other forms of toxicity. Angela Roseboro is now in charge of all activities related to inclusion and diversity in the company. Holding on to its beliefs and following the outlined plan, the company is transforming its workplace, challenging status quo, and making better games going into the future. Riot Games acknowledges that they have sometimes fell short of the things that drives the best practices. However, going forward, the company is demonstrating that it is accompanying its words with actions.

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