The Success Story of Greg Blatt

People who are seeking to improve their leadership skills in the business industry must learn to accept advice and insights from those who have already succeeded in that area. Successful entrepreneurs like Greg Blatt has held different leadership roles at big companies such as IAC and Tinder. Examining methodically the example that is set by the leaders of today will allow us to have a piece of in-depth knowledge and to deeply understand what it takes to become one of the greatest leaders of today and to create an organization that conveys on the promise of its cornerstone. Greg Blatt already had tons of accomplishments at a young age, and his work at previous companies are proof that he has fully understood the efforts that are necessary in order to succeed in the rapidly evolving and competitive modern world that we have today (Wallmine).


After graduating Colgate University and receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language, Literature, and Economics, Greg Blatt continued to study law at the Columbia Law School where he graduated with a Doctor of Law degree. After studying law school, he served as an associate for different law firms for four years straight. Greg Blatt is also known for his several senior roles during his tenure at the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia where he became notable for his work as the Executive Vice President in business affairs and general counsel.


Greg advises young business professionals to dedicate their time, effort, and energy in pursuing their goals. It can be seen in his professional history and background that he has held a number of top-level positions at big and small companies and has served as the Chief Executive Officer. Greg Blatt was EVP for Tinder. Almost a decade ago, he also held the executive vice president in general counsel position at the IAC. The wide range of roles that he held with the three companies shows his outstanding expertise and power to work in various areas. It clarifies the value of his ability to maintain flexibility and to sustain his success.


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