Isabel Dos Santos Inspires Other Women In Business

Women play many important roles in society and it wasn’t until relatively recently that they began getting recognized for their many contributions in the world of business. In fact, there is still a stigma that is being held to the concept of women becoming leaders in places like Africa and other countries around the world. Isabel dos Santos is the most wealthy woman in Africa and she has made great strides in helping women achieve equality in business throughout the continent. While Africa may still have a lot of stigmas attached to women as leaders, Isabel dos Santos believes that the spirit of entrepreneurship that runs strongly throughout Africa has been able to overcome this for many women already and she expects to see more.


The story of Isabel is one that has inspired many young businesswomen in countries throughout Africa. The fact that Isabel dos Santos has been able to achieve so much in a world that is so strongly dominated by men has given them hope for their own lives. It can be difficult to obtain financial security in Africa, but with efforts to create more jobs for women while providing them the education that they need as well, they are able to empower many women economically. She understands that it can be difficult to make it as a leader when some choose to invalidate these leadership positions by looking toward the men in the group for approval and confirmation. This is something that she has experienced a lot during her career.


The world for women is not going to change overnight, but the actions that are being taken today by people such as Isabel will impact the future and provide a world with more opportunities for women. Along with helping women, in particular, she also engages in philanthropical work to improve the economic situation in communities throughout Africa including in her home country of Angola. During her childhood, she never had anyone tell her that she couldn’t do something because she was a girl and she wants girls and young women everywhere to know that they are free to achieve greatness in business.


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