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Bruno Fagali Elaborates The Asset Recovery Reward Act

Bruno Fagali has built his legal expertise over the years while practicing at the Fagali Advocacy law firm. The Brazil Attorney has made Administrative Law, Regulatory Law, Ethics and Urban Law his specialities. He weighed in on a proposed law in the US that seeks to reign in on corruption in foreign governments. Bruno Fagali [Continue]

Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is one of the most talented attorneys General in Philadelphia. He attended Swarthmore University and attained a bachelor’s degree in the year 2003. His primary fields include Risk management and compliance practices. He also has knowledge and skills in other areas like corporate laws, product liability, commercial litigation, legal research, and employment law. [Continue]

Whistleblowers Get The Qualified Help They Need

In the last few years, American business has undergone many varied and important changes. Perhaps one of the most important of all such changes in the governance of American companies is the willingness of many legislators to examine laws that govern business and look to help strengthen them as much as possible to help protect [Continue]