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Neurocore is a research group that is expanding its reach to be all over the country to challenge the way that people think about mental disorders and to treat people in a drug-free way that is long lasting. The research group started by trying to find a way to handle people with mental disorders in [Continue]

Michael Phelps Mental Health Awareness with Talkspace

Michael Phelps, the Olympic gold medalist, has collaborated with Talkspace for a nationwide television movement that concentrates on the shame of psychological diseases. The collaboration will promote a nationwide television crusade in which he will discuss his individual knowledge, persuade the public to talk candidly on the subject of psychological health. Talkspace is an online [Continue]

How Talkspace is Changing the Therapy World

Everyone today has access to a smartphone. This has also made it easy for everyone to interact with each other across the globe. When one is in constant communication with other people, it tends to make other people subjected to feel miserable. More to this there has been a study which was done in South [Continue]