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Victoria Doramus On The Organizations She Actively Participates With

Brooklyn, New York based philanthropist Victoria Doramus is passionate about giving back. Her charitable journey getting involved with these organizations started back in 2016. Since then, it has been a rewarding and grounding experience for the recovery expert. One of the organizations that Victoria can relate to more is the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Doramus used [Continue]

NexBank – Where You Should Bank Your Money

NexBank, founded in 1922, is a banking and financial products service provider. Known initially as Heritage Bank, SSB it altered its name in August 2005. The bank has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and is a subsidiary of NexBank Capital Inc. It offers commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional banking. NexBank’s executive management team is [Continue]

Mr. Panos Gikas Explores the Future of Orthopaedics

London based orthopaedic surgeon Mr. Panos Gikas holds a Bachelor of Science Degree (BSc) and a Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). Both degrees are from the University of London and were earned with honors.   Mr. Gikas completed his residency in orthopaedic surgery at London’s University College hospital. Additional training and education include [Continue]

Jason Hope – The Hope of the Future

Jason hope is what can be described as a futurist. This means that he has developed the skill of understanding technology, and he’s able to use that knowledge to predict what the future will bring with new waves of technology. He’s a firm believer in The Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is simply [Continue]