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How TMS Health Solutions Helps Patients As An Alternative Treatment To Clinical Depression

Not everyone who seeks out help for depression finds relief with talk therapy and medication. In fact, 40 percent of people who have clinical depression have a treatment-resistant form where they therapies don’t work very effectively or at all. There is hope for these, people, though.

In the Bay Area of California, there is a business called TMS Health Solutions. This company treats patients who have clinical depression with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). The patient has sessions where a medical device is placed over the top of their head that sends magnetic waves into the part of the brain that causes depression. Over several visits, their depression clears and up they are able to enjoy life once again without having to take any medications.

TMS Solutions has two offices in San Francisco and others in Sacramento, Roseville, El Dorado Hills, Oakland, and Burlingame. They are also opening an office in November in Walnut Creek. They were founded in 2007 by Dr. Richard Bermudes who wanted to treat patients who were not responding to traditional methods of therapy. He’s passionate about TMS and even wrote a book on the subject that was published in 2018 by the American Psychiatric Association.

People should know that most insurance plans cover this form of treatment for chronic depression. For those plans that don’t cover it the team at TMS Health Solutions will advocate for coverage with their patient’s healthcare provider. If that doesn’t work out they will help their patient find financial assistance to pay for their treatment.

Visit: https://tmshealthsolutions.com/service/

At TMS Solutions they will partner with a therapist, primary care provider, or psychiatrist that their patient is working with. They will develop a treatment plan, gather any health records or other information that is needed, and provide feedback to referring clinicians as a patient is treated.

The CDC states that somewhere between 14-17 of the American adult population will develop Major Depressive Disorder during their lifetime. If the traditional method of seeking care for this condition is unsuccessful the team at TMS Health Solutions stands ready to provide their assistance.

People Have started To Take Notice That Equities First Holdings Is A Company That They Can Trust

When Equities First Holdings began as a company in 2002 the company has always had the stance of making sure that their customers can always trust them to be there and to be able to help them just like their customers expect them to.


Even during times of financial strain Equities First Holdings have still been able to give out loans which breeds confidence in their customers and people that aren’t customers are taking notice as well, which has helped boost the company to the top of many people’s lists as a company that you can trust to take care of their customers at all times.


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Neurocore’s Contributions to Neuroscience Sector

Most people go through a lot of trouble while choosing a career that will earn them an easy and rewarding job. Although finding a job might be easy for some people, finding a career that will be rewarded with fewer challenges might not be that easy. However, the latest development in the Neurofeedback technology which is in the field of applicable neuroscience is a step in the right direction for the medical community. This shows that the apart from the patients, researchers, doctors, and scientists, employees have also realized the significance of applied neuroscience. Examples of employees who have realized the importance of investing in Neurotherapy include brain performance centers such as the Neurocore. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

Assistance offered by Neurocore


If you are part of the team that is looking for employment and you have specialized in biology-related training then you might be among the lucky ones. Most people are not conversant with the terms that are used by neurotherapists. Neuroscience is any kind of science like neurochemistry and all the psychological experiments that are related to the structure and the functioning of the brain and the entire nervous system. All these jobs that are related to neuroscience have been made easy to find by Neurocore which operates more seven brain centers.

Follow: https://www.linkedin.com/company/neurocore-


Neurocore was started by Timothy Royer in 2004 and it now operates more than seven brain operation centers and all of them put the new technology into full use in order to provide their clients with the best services. What makes Neurocore is that they utilize the new discoveries in the neuroscience technology to provide their clients’ drug-free solutions that are customized to both children and also adults of all ages. The solutions offered by Neurocore have provided great assistance to those patients who are depressed, having difficulty to sleep and eat, stress, anxiety and also those with autism spectrum disorder.


Neurocore also provides memory boot camp services for those brain irregularities and would like to increase their mental acuity and focus. Neurocore also carries out neurofeedback pieces of training that will assist their clients’ brains to develop healthier habits and also come up with a stronger neural connection. Visit Patch.com to know more about Neurocore.

DHERBs Cleanse: A Natural Method to Detoxify Your Body

The concept of holistic medicine receives a controversial stereotype. With the rise of big-pharma and the advancements of Western medicine in the last two centuries, it is easy to write-off a holistic approach as antiquated and ineffective. However, the root of all ailments lies in the accumulation of toxins within the body. Even in ancient civilizations, the concept of extracting the poisonous substances that build up within our body is present. Remedies included clay and leeching. While toxins are an abstract concept, it primarily refers to hard metal deposits within our body that are absorbed from our food, our water, and our environment. They include but are not limited to: mercury, lead, and harmful hydrocarbons released by the process of burning. Check Dherbs at amazon.com for more info.

This is where Dherbs.com, a natural supplement and healing company, comes into the picture. Dherbs incorporates traditional methods include saunas and blood cleaning, with herbal sprays and potent plants that have curative properties. They have a range of products and services, but are mostly known for their viral 20-day regime that has garnered the support of influencers and personalities like Steve Harvey. The 20-day regime naturally removes toxins solely by combining the synergistic properties of herbs. It aids in weight management, an improved immune system, better skin, and higher energy levels. Cravings are eliminated as your body is completely in line with your gastrointestinal system, solely from the earth’s botanical assistance and not from a chemical diet aid.

Let Dherbs bring your body back to its natural state of equilibrium, by incorporating their 100% natural herbal supplements into your daily routine. Dherbs.com is already becoming the leading online herbal supplement source, and are developing a platform that encourages lifestyle change through increased physical activity. Take control of your life today and start your 20-day life changing journey!

Check Out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DPz0ctKqOs


OSI Group, A Great Journey To Sustainable Food Production

OSI Group is a global food processing company. Since its establishment, the company has made a name for providing quality food products to its customers across the world. Many people trust OSI Group for its unique food products made to the taste of every single consumer. Furthermore, the products do not compromise the cost of quality; OSI Group food products are cost friendly.

OSI Group started as a small meat market run by the Otto family in Chicago, way back in 1909. The transition of Otto &Sons occurred in the 1970s upon the entry of Sheldon Lavin in the picture. Following a period of financial distress and pressure to expand production, Sheldon Lavin, then a financial consultant, injected some funds to help the cause of expansion. Later on, Ravine would become more involved in the company’s management. In 1975, the then chief client, McDonald’s requested that Sheldon Lavin becomes a partner in Otto & Sons, to guarantee the continued supply of quality products and, OSI Group was born.

Upon the entry of Sheldon Lavin, OSI experienced accelerated growth and expansion. In a twist of events, one partner opted to retire, leaving the company entirely under the management of Lavin. Later on, he gained full control of the company. Under the visionary leadership of Lavin, OSI has experienced tremendous growth in its operations to become a worldwide food supplier. Today, the company has 65 processing facilities spread in 17 countries across the world. It has a strong workforce of 20,000 personnel. Additionally, Forbes, in 2016, ranked it the 58th largest company in the world. The company’s net worth is estimated to be over $6.1 billion.

With enough resources and infrastructure at its disposal, OSI is undoubtedly one of the most robust and advantaged global food suppliers. The company has an immense capacity to produce, develop, source and, distribute high-quality food anywhere around the globe. The ever-growing customer base demonstrates the company’s entrepreneurial passion and commitment to ensure sustainability in growth and expansion. OSI has set the trend that others ought to emulate to reach the highest entrepreneurial standards and turn their dreams into a reality.

Learn more about OSI Group: https://www.wattagnet.com/articles/27248-osi-group-buys-former-tyson-foods-plant-in-chicago

Shiraz Boghani Explores The Options For Different Hotel Developments

The U.K. hotel industry has been changing immensely over the last 30 years, with many of the developments in the sector attributed to the work of Splendid Hospitality Group Chair Shiraz Boghani. A qualified chartered accountant, Boghani entered the hospitality industry as a way of maintaining control of his money while exploring an area of business which had always intrigued him. The Kenya-born entrepreneur has made such a success of his hospitality business that he is revered among his fellow hotel owners as the business leader responsible for developing the industry in the U.K.


Shiraz Boghani arrived in the U.K. to pursue his dream of becoming a chartered accountant in 1969 and quickly found his talents in finance identified by various companies. By the 1990s, the 2016 Asian Business Awards Hotelier of the Year had entered the hospitality industry and was seeking out new ways of bringing business success to his Splendid Hospitality Group. In this decade the limited service hotel location was taking the world by storm but had yet to make a full impact in the U.K. prior to the work of Boghani. Visit https://medium.com/@ShirazBoghani/hotelier-shiraz-boghani-shines-at-the-asian-business-awards-2016-282659c7a533


Introducing limited service hotels to the heart of London proved a major success for the Splendid Hospitality Group and allowed the company to move towards the top of the sector. In the 21st-century, Shiraz Boghani was tasked with bringing the company into the new millennium and found the luxury hotel market ripe for an overhaul. Moving from the mid-range market to the luxury end of the hospitality industry has proven a success for the leading member of the Aga Khan University in the U.K. Read more on https://www.splendidhospitality.co.uk/our-splendid-family


Growing a more popular brand has not had an impact on the ability of Shiraz Boghani to achieve a large amount in his own community within the U.K. AMong the many positions held by Shiraz Boghzani is that of Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in the U.K.

Stream Energy puts their Best Foot Forward to help their Community

Stream Energy is a direct seller of energy, and sales associates are responsible for developing clients for a variety of products and services. Stream offers a variety of products and services that include clean energy, virtual doctors, mobile phones and fixed rate energy.


Stream Energy also wears a philanthropic hat hat proudly and established the Stream Cates Foundation. The foundation works to serve those that need a helping hand. The company is very concerned about homelessness. The employees OS Stream participate in homeless tracking events and have noticed in uptick in such individuals. Stream works with Hope Supply, CO., to sponsor events for homeless families, especially children. One such event is the annual Splash for Hope where children are treated to a day of fun at a local water park complete with lunch. Hope Energy, along with Stream Energy, also provide school supplies, clothes and diapers for children.


Stream was one of the first companies to step up and help after Hurricane Harvey. The Houston, Texas area experienced massive flooding that not only destroyed property, but lives. The company not only reached out to the community to help those devastated by the weather event, but to help their neighbors. It is important to Stream Energy to be able to give back some of the goodness they received and to take care of their fellow man.


Stream Cares has established a working relationship with the American Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. Not only does the company support such philanthropic efforts financially, but the company associates support such efforts. The company, both management and individuals support such efforts with time, energy, effort and muscle. After the 2016 Texas Tornado, Stream Energy worked with the Salvation Army and raised funds for those who lost homes, as well as businesses. Stream matched donations that were brought in by the sales associates and helped to make life better for those affected.


Stream Energy worked with Once in a Lifetime by providing financial support to Veterans in the Dallas, Texas area. The company donated transportation to Veterans and their families allowing them to enjoy a special dinner at a local restaurant.



Marc Beer’s Renovia Receives Additional Funding For Pelvic Floor Disorders

Pelvic floor disorders affect millions of women with pain and other symptoms around the world. Marc Beer is working to fight these disorders through Renovia Inc, which works to develop and deliver devices that are used for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. In order to help Renovia meet their goals, they were able to complete a round of B Series financing that netted Marc Beer’s company around $42.3 million.


Marc Beer is excited to have received this level of support from investors that are leaders in the healthcare industry. With so many women being affected every day by these disorders, it’s important to find new ways to improve their lives in whatever way they can. Marc Beer is the CEO, Chairman, and co-founder of Renovia and is passionate about what the company is doing to improve women’s health. Currently, there are 3 health networks that are leaders in the field that Renovia is prepared to partner with.


The technology behind Renovia’s innovations includes sensor technologies that are exclusive to Renovia. By being able to gather this data about the disorder and the effects that it has, Marc Beer believes that they will be able to make significant changes in how pelvic floor disorders are approached and treated. With this round of funding and new business connections, Marc Beer believes that they will be able to advance the vision of Renovia both in a commercial and clinical sense.


One of the most common symptoms that comes with pelvic floor disorders is urinary incontinence. While it effects those with pelvic floor disorders, it is also a problem that comes with different disorders. For those who are affected by urinary incontinence, it can be a devastating burden. With the efforts of Renovia and Marc Beer, some of this pain and embarrassment may be able to be alleviated for patients around the world. Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/


Marc Beer founded Renovia alongside Yolanda Lorie and Ramon Iglesias, MD in 2016. Before co-founding Renovia, Marc Beer acted as the chief executive officer of Auegerion Pharmaceuticals. Aegerion brought its first product to the market in December 2012. Designed to treat homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia, JUXTAPID was given approval by the FDA and 36 countries. Shortly after, approval was granted fro MYALEPT to treat the rare disease lipodystrophy.


Southridge Capital: A Crypto Future

Southridge is a financial firm that believes in the right startup companies to invest in. Many companies have come to them seeking advice about going public or obtaining financing. The company also likes to stay on the top trends that are the most profitable in the market. One area that the company feels is making waves in the financial world is cryptocurrency. Most individuals have at least heard of Bitcoin and a few of the more popular cryptocurrencies, however, they may not understand the blockchain technology and how it is going to change the way people do business. Bitcoin grew in popularity as merchants started to accept it as a form of payment. Now governments and some of the largest corporations in the world recognize that cryptocurrencies are revolutionary, and they are developing new blockchain applications for their everyday operations.


Once Bitcoin and the other cryptos hit a market cap of over $300 billion, the big banks began to explore ways to adopt Bitcoin to conduct business. Southridge Capital has kept up with the developments of how more and more corporations are going to begin using cryptocurrencies. The CME Group was one of the first institutions that gave their clients the option of buying or shorting Bitcoin in the futures market. An area outside of finance that has seen some crypto action is in real estate. One man who is bullish on the cryptos is Rick Hilton. He recently placed a Roman mansion for sale worth $38 million and he was trying to sell it for cryptocurrency. Mr. Hilton uses Propy to sell real estate. Propy is a real estate platform that has already adopted blockchain technology.


The founder of Southridge Capital is Steven Hicks. He got the idea to start his own company after the hedge fund he worked at in New York closed. The principal of the fund moved back to Australia, but while he was closing the fund, he allowed Mr. Hicks to begin the process of starting his own hedge fund. Steven Hicks feels very bullish about the future of cryptocurrencies, as well as the marijuana industry. You can visit their Facebook and Twitter page.


Dherbs: Cleaning the Body Out From Within

If there is one fact that science has one hundred percent been able to prove, it is the concept that a healthy lifestyle leads one to longevity in life. While many people have adopted said lifestyle through diet plans and strict workout regimens, many more seem to fall victim to the toxins plaguing Earth. Everyday, each individual is exposed to irritants, either manmade or natural, capable of polluting one’s body and altering the behavior of bodily functions. In response, scientists have come forth with medical solutions to detoxify the body, ridding it of the debris accumulated over years.

One such product that has emerged is the supplement known as Dherbs. First introduced in 2004 by a distribution company of the same name, Dherbs advertises itself as a 20 day full body cleansing program designed to assist its audience in the detoxification of their vital organs. An herbal based solution, the medicine claims to rejuvenate one’s body, ensuring optimal use of bodily functions; particularly targeting the immune, digestive, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems. Check out Dherbs on Youtube.

Users of the supplement have gone on to praise the program, accrediting it as an aide in external affairs like weight loss, skin clearing and strengthening. Most users also boast a better feeling internally: reclaiming the ability to normalize their bodily functions; regulate their bowel movements; enhance a declined metabolism; reduce the cravings for sugary snacks, greasy foods, or tobacco; and sustain a healthier flow of blood circulation. The program warrants a positive effect on one’s mental or emotional state, promoting a sense of clear-mindedness as well as an increase in energy and willpower.

With technology providing their own ‘enhancements’ to the foods, water, beauty products, even clothing our race consumes, as a form of ‘preservation’, a supplement like Dherbs is key in accompanying health seekers in the mission of detoxification.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dherbs,_Inc